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Your Bike. Your Style.

A bike should adapt to its user – not the other way around. Geometry, measurements and of course design: My Esel is 100% individualized. You see a My Esel bike is much more than a modern and efficient means of transport. It is a reflection of your personality.


The Esel – as unique as you are

Make the Esel your bike. Choose from various surfaces and component sets and create your My Esel to match your style.


With our sophisticated Software we calculate exactly the bike frame that fits your body and your desired sitting position.

my esel nachhaltigkeit

Fair, Ökologisch – Made in Austria

For us the sustainable production of frames means the use of renewable resources as well as local on site production.


Lisa's Esel
Katharina's Esel
Tom's Esel

WOOD. Brings performance. Achieves comfort. Thinks of tomorrow.

Our wood frames are ISO 4210-6:2014,4 tested and certified. They are rigid and resistant to any weather conditions thanks to the four layer surface sealing. Wood dampens the vibrations much better than for example carbon. That resultsin smooth running and reduces the kickback to the rider from the seat tube.

Bike configuration

60 seconds takes your My Esel configuration!

Personalized style

design options. Every My Esel is as unique as you.

ISO certified

>1.000 dynamic impacts on our frames were successfully tested.
MyEsel Lenker
No two people are the same. Even if their height and step lengths are the same, there can be a difference in their arm and leg length. These measures considerably influence the size of the bike frame and the sitting position. The current mass production in China cannot accommodate these requirements. It’s the bike riders who pay the price at the end with back and knee pain.

The solution is My Esel: our custom-made bike frames are produced based on the client’s body proportions. Thanks to this, we are able to bring the personalization and individualization of bikes to a completely new level. We revolutionize the bike market.

Production in Austria

The frame, the centrepiece of My Esel, is produced in Salzburg and the bikes are assembled with the knowledge and love in Upper Austria – in a sheltered workshop “Fahrradzentrum B7”.

Orthopaedic know how

We worked 5 years together with experts, (i.a. Dr. Andreas Kranzl from the Orthopaedic Hospital in Speising) on developing the perfect algorithm that calculates the perfect frame.

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